Wednesday 27/5/20 – Fast or Furious

From a spiritual point of view, it makes perfect sense to regulate the consumption of any commodity that our bodies need and that we consume with any kind of regularity. Some consider this a controversial topic but the vast majority of religions teach the practice of refraining from things we depend upon in order to stretch our spiritual muscles and develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and the physical space we inhabit. The practice of fasting can be applied to nearly anything that we consume large quantities of or that occupies a significant portion of our daily lives. Such commodities can include for example; food, alcohol, sex, caffeine, social media, candy; any substance or behaviour that we consistently use and enjoy can be incorporated into this to increase our appreciation of the thing in question and allow us to become more fuller human beings, not enslaved by anything or anyone. It is this kind of rigorous discipline that has been instilled into the minds of soldiers down the ages, and has been a critical factor in deciding the outcome of every conflict. And the present battle we find ourselves in is not different. There will be no place to hide from this virus for those who insist on carrying on as normal – not displaying responsible behaviour, lacking discipline, and endlessly ignoring the many warnings booming in their ears. Those of us who have chosen responsibility, who have carefully adapted our behaviour and who will prevail over this virus; we could consider ourselves as having ‘fasted’ from actual social interaction. We are secure enough within our own individuality not to need to seek out validation from the world – and certainly not during the raging COVID-19 pandemic. We do not have the need to indulge in unendingly inane and meaningless daily chatter, and coincidentally, in not so doing, we decrease the chances of our transmitting the virus onto someone else. By using this time to open up the pages of the Bible, beginning with the Gospels, we will read words that address our every concern, and discover some of the most stunning language that we will ever encounter. We will learn the secret of being successful in everything we do. Because the words of the Bible are not simply a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ – they are the poetry of life itself and our weaponry for overcoming this virus, and every battle after that. Every responsible parent knows that disciplining their child is essential to ensure their long-term well-being; and God (as our perfect father) is no different. By choosing to live by his words we are adopted into his family and delight to study his book as the manuscript for life. By allowing ourselves the opportunity for spiritual growth, and training at God’s spiritual gymnasium – we open up our minds to the concept of deep introspection, and learn how to emulate his relevant form of eloquent and powerful communication.

Thursday 7/5/20 – Level of Clarity

For a time I flirted with the idea of becoming a teacher of Mathematics, and a central lesson I had to teach myself prior to my commencing my course was this:

– as a teacher, one must work under the assumption that your class (or audience) has zero knowledge about the topic on which you are speaking.

This self-lesson has remained constant in my mind ever since, and has been invaluable in a world where those who impart knowledge regularly ‘skip-over’ the basics of their field, and do not allow their students the chance to build up a broad foundation of basic knowledge which the student must cobble together themselves over the course of their lives. In a school setting this sort of carelessness can result in a decreased standard of tuition and lower grades, but in a situation such as the COVID-19 outbreak, this can cost people their lives. Recent press conferences have offered lists of statistics and graphs illustrating various trends. They have shown the accelerating infection behaviour of this virus during the initial outbreak, varying nominally in individual nations. They have clearly shown the tendency of this virus to infect an exponentially increasing number of people, and we have had many experts effectively articulating this particular point. But some people watching these press conferences do not understand the significance of the word exponential, and many more do not even bother to tune in to the daily briefings. If we consider our current defence against this virus as a chain, then a 100% utterly and absolutely socially distanced population would represent a strong chain. But no government or leader is able to realistically implement such a measure, or at least not in this particular pandemic. It is the weak links in our defensive chain that dictate how strong our defence will be. But we still see people, locally and internationally, not following the rules; not carefully socially distancing, not taking this outbreak seriously at all. Are these the sort of people we should rely upon to restrict the transmission of this disease; a disease which in my opinion, is one of the worst this planet has ever seen, or will ever see? If we represent the entire population of the earth as one single human being, the Sars-CoV-2 virus appeared somewhere on this human. It has already acquired a sufficient number of real host humans to get ‘under the skin’ of this larger human and start to spread. With no current vaccine or other effective countermeasure it is not going to stop spreading – this virus will not just vanish, as some people have vocally asserted. Many world leaders should rightly be applauded for their efforts after the initial outbreak, an event which has caused much stress and anxiety for every responsible person. But any leader with aspirations of successfully exerting that level of micro-control over their population, however well intentioned, is going to be disappointed. The arrogant and careless attitude of large numbers of others has the potential today to cause greater damage to the human race, and increased the probability of a resurgence of this disease further down the line.

Friday 17/4/20 – Revival of the Fittest

Even though I don’t stand at my living room window at 8pm on a Thursday evening and clap, my admiration and respect for every single dedicated health professional is beyond refute. I think we all have experience of one health problem or another (prior to this one) and the vocation has always been of central historical, societal and also spiritual significance. During this crisis we have all come to re-prioritise the importance of personal health and renew our respect for the people who administer this essential human function. I would now like to take this opportunity to reassure all people, that it is not a case of ‘if’ God is going to provide a total solution to the problem of the COVID-19 outbreak, but ‘when’. God deserves to be brought into the very centre of our thought process. He designed us, put breath in our lungs, and the people he sends to the earth always have a tangible relevance for every person who is yet to receive his message. Given that God alone is able to resolve this problem, and that he is above bribery or coercion, the timing of his solution is purely at his discretion; and is categorically not to be questioned, opposed, contradicted, invalidated, rebuked, contravened, repudiated, confuted or publicly debated in any way whatsoever. My expertise is not in biology, but I have been pondering this and offer the following as an outline sketch of the potential scenario by which God is going to bring about this solution. In order to find the suitable glycoprotein antibody capable of neutralising the SARS-CoV-2 antigen, a fitting human candidate must be identified. This person must have acceptable general health, be a non-smoker, have a functioning metabolism, and have the correct genetic profile required for this role. Once presented, and in a laboratory environment, the candidate would then be exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 pathogenic organism, or its latest known mutation. He or she would then be placed in a sealed incubation chamber, or more specifically, incubation residence, and closely monitored for a number of days. During this time, the immune system of the candidate would detect, and then begin to combat the virus. It is my opinion that the appropriate candidate will not exhibit severe COVID-19 symptoms, but merely ones similar to those of a common cold or flu. Under expert medical supervision and advice, a series of blood samples would subsequently be taken from the candidate throughout this incubation period, and analysed. Contained in one or more of these samples would be the antibody protein required to successfully overcome the invading pathogen. This protein would then be decoded and studies would be formulated on how to effectively biosynthesize this substance, and prepare it for worldwide distribution. It is my further opinion that the protein antibody obtained from the candidate would ultimately have a wide application, and be a safe and efficacious remedy against a range of illnesses, not limited to the Coronavirus group of diseases. Regarding the identification of the candidate: Jesus Christ always reserves sovereign authority over every important decision in heaven and on earth, and takes great satisfaction in never once having made a mistake. His selection will be appropriate, and ensure this whole crisis comes to a much anticipated resolution. The candidate God provides will be of notable distinction, and will not seek to profit financially from this venture in any way. Imitating his master, he will look beyond self, and see the value in others rather than acquiring personal gain.

Thursday 16/4/20 – Reflecting on Transformation

One of the great advantages of social media, and indeed a blog such as this; is that it has allowed me to begin delivering my message without being a) shouted at; or b) shouted down. Many people grow up into this world without knowing anything at all about their natural parents – and I feel genuine sympathy for these people. I am fortunate here – because even though I am yet to learn the full truth about my own heritage, I know my own mother and earthly father very well indeed. A common misconception is that the Bible teaches us that money is evil. This is simply not the case. But it is people’s love of money that is the root cause of all the evil in the world. We want to accrue so many earthly resources – and cling onto them with clenched fist if necessary – that we will resort to the darkest type of practices to acquire them; and go on to flaunt our ‘success’ to the eyes of the world. We want people to witness our rising up in status – whilst simultaneously highlighting how lowly others have clearly become by comparison. This type of attitude is built upon lies. After all, any elevation one achieves through deception is temporary at best. You cannot take a single penny with you when you leave this earth – and incidentally, this current COVID-19 crisis will certainly not be resolved with any kind of financial pledge, no matter what the size. There is indeed so much deception in the world that truth has effectively been replaced. Everyone’s heart and mind is fixed upon this third ‘rock-from-the-sun’ and most of us deceive even ourselves of the fact that we will all one day eventually depart.

If we could all only dare to believe that something lies beyond the visible realm. If we could all begin to conceive that there is a bright future for everyone who believes after they die. If we could all accept the (obvious) reality that there does exist a benevolent, wise and all powerful being, and that we as his children are all in fact one family – how much freer our hearts and minds would be! How little we would rely upon and pursue financial wealth, seeing it as the fleeting and limited resource that it actually is. By accepting and respecting the discipline and correction of God – how much more effectively and productively our lives and entire civilization would function. How by studying and living out the words of the Bible we would enter God’s Kingdom, and understand the secret of bringing heaven down to earth – responding to God’s love by starting that change from within.

Monday 13/4/20 – Screenwriting

It is not widely concluded that George Orwell was a follower of the Christian faith, but his novel 1984 could certainly be described as highly prophetic. The ubiquitous nature of electronic screens is a feature of modern life that he foresaw, and that now perpetuate through nearly every business and domesticated household. Indeed they have now become so prevalent that we rely upon them, and our entire mode of living would come to a halt were they to be permanently removed from our vision. This might be considered a surprising fact considering that the information we receive through them is largely non-essential and the long-term effects of their near continuous use is mostly unknown. The electronic screen is the window through which we perceive a world of art and culture. In fact, we have all enjoyed so many movies and so much TV; that we imagine our lives as featuring in a kind of ‘show’ of our own – in which our enemies are ultimately crushed and humiliated; and we ride off into the sunset, happy and victorious – never to be defeated again. This view of the world is of course, pure fantasy. But some of us have become so enveloped in this pleasant dream that we are now categorically unable to distinguish fact from fiction. And yet without these screens that I am writing about, most of us would not have been aware of the present global health crisis, and the world would certainly not have been able to collectively respond and responsibly adapt in the manner that it eventually did. In the UK, the British public have been consistently updated of crisis after crisis – the crisis in the prisons, the crisis in social care, the crisis in law enforcement – that when a genuine crisis such as COVID-19 came along; very few people were initially paying attention. Due to the highly electronic nature of the media and social media world in which we live, every thought we have and subsequently share is effectively itemized and searchable. We post and Tweet about almost anything that enters our minds, and flood the internet with so many opinions that truly valuable information is significantly more difficult to locate, and sometimes lost altogether. Given that this generation saw the rise of the internet; it is down to us to optimize its use, and teach our children the skills needed for the responsible and proper application of its incredible power.

Wednesday 25/3/20 – Building Plan

One of the main problems that people of darkness have is obviously displaying characteristics signalling a personal lack of patience. Survival experts will tell you that a massive percentage statistic deciding who makes it through periods of adversity is in their mental fortitude. Some people have had to endure very long amounts of time, sometimes in a single room or cell, completely alone. To endure such an experience requires discipline, and developing one’s own unique and effective routine – very much like ones used in the military. It will also require keeping mentally active and having a bit of fun. Reading is obviously recommended (if you have the facilities) but there is only a limited amount of this one can do. Whatever you choose knitting, painting, table tennis, scrap-booking, consolidating supplies, it is kind of a delightful challenge to fashion an activity that one can consistently enjoy indoors; with the doors, windows and air-vents sealed shut wherever possible. Cleaning is also important, however, this is a war and no person can clean every single spot. We are looking to take simple precautions and cultivate the correct attitude.

One thing I would like to quash is: worry. This can have a crippling effect on our inner tranquillity and makes us imagine horrible things – all of which never actually take place. If you are serious about obeying and following Jesus Christ then he really will provide everything that you need. Indeed, he has already been directing every aspect of your life right up to this present moment – would you believe that? Also, selecting a suitable version of the Bible to study is important. The King James Version is recommended by some, although I find the New International Version to be accurate and has much more contemporary language. You should choose one you feel comfortable with, hardback or paperback is fine.

This is going to be a challenge but one thing you can depend upon is my support. God has been helping me my entire life in an infinite amount of ways; and he is not about to stop. Try not to think too much about the effects of this disease or indeed feel sympathy for those for whom it is fatal. Think about all the ways that you have been disrespected, selfishly manipulated and betrayed by people close to you in the past. The Bible refers to this as sin, is not tolerated by God; and is the primary destructive force in the entire universe. Those of us who survive this pandemic will be many, but we will not always see eye to eye. Heaven is our prize and the location of our reward. Our work here will last, and be celebrated; as we reconstruct the human race.

Tuesday 24/3/20 – Tactics for Peril

I have not been unaware of the irony that in order to get through this COVID-19 outbreak, to survive this which we will, we must all pull together by keeping apart. Times such as these genuinely make you cherish life and enable you to assess again what causes you to be unstoppably happy. Have you ever noticed how the things most of us strive for are actually only of a fleeting value? Our appearance to the world is something that we cherish most of all. This ‘shell’ that we all have, is something I have always struggled to understand. On the outside we appear strong and successful. But inside we are timid little children, looking for someone to lead us. This shell is in fact a structure in our minds, is extremely brittle and unnecessary, and is something that must be removed in order for one to truly flourish. None of us innately want our life experience to come to an end. Everyone wants to live happily ever after surrounded by our loved ones and pets. However, the path to this actual eternity, containing an ever-lasting fully customizable reward, is one that only a select few will actually choose.

When impressive ocean-going vessels (manufactured in Ireland) strike immense frozen floating objects in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the collective reaction of any passengers on board could typically be described as binary. On the one hand, the event is seen as a jocular triviality, something to make sport of. But those on board, in positions of authority; including the captain, with an intimate knowledge of the schematic structure of the vessel, do not need reminding of the actual reality.

Everybody needs to be comforted. We cling onto the things that bring us pleasure, which for many people are only inanimate objects or substances. But the one unshakeable source of the best pleasure, the God of Israel, is a being who demands your utmost attention. If I told you that one person, Jesus Christ; is overseeing all of this chaos, that evolution and the big bang were just ideas, and that nothing you ask of him would be refused, would you believe me? Is that the sort of individual you would like the assistance of in a crisis like this? When he gets you out of that terrible mess that you are in, would you be grateful? Would this rescue make you alter your approach to life and your neighbour? Would your rescue be an unforgettable experience and result in you being elated?

With this in mind, let us press on, removing our individual and now obsolete shells. Let us reassess one further time the things that we truly value, the things that sustain us. Let us leave behind our former attitude of contempt and derision against our neighbour or anyone else we meet. The passengers on that ship I mentioned were lucky, they had the band to bring them comfort. Nowadays, we could consider a streaming service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, NOW TV, or even radio; as modern day equivalents – services which in theory, might only require a small amount of remote manual automation.

Saturday 21/3/20 – COVID

I wanted to attempt to begin writing again as it has been a long time since I have added to my journal and I am acutely aware of the present power of online publishing and the great opportunity in collating some of my thoughts and writing. I would usually never think to write about immediate current affairs without first taking a step back and trying to see things in their larger (historical) context. But the United Kingdom (and the world) are currently in the grip of a flu-like disease COVID-19; and we are being bombarded with advice such as to avoid gathering socially and to regularly wash our hands. For the vast majority of people this presents many profound and practical problems. We are social creatures and derive comfort and validation from our interaction – validation not simply of our individuality; but of the very essence of ourselves. I imagine the majority of the tuned-in population of the world are having difficulty trying to psychologically process the substantial behavioural changes that will inevitably have to be put into practice as we all responsibly adapt and collectively attempt to combat this virulent disease – or at least reduce the probability of its spread. Then there will be a small percentage of people – much like myself, who may not notice much of a difference at all. I live by myself and rarely interact with another person beyond the capacity of semi-familiar acquaintance. But then that is the type of life that has been assigned to me. I am a functional, self-sufficient (young) man who has always found great contentment in my own company. Since a very young age I have always had a phobia concerning groups of humans. I don’t have anything against them personally; but they certainly have a large problem with me. I have always approached my fellow man with an assumed attitude of consideration and respect – but this has seldom been reciprocated, and has indeed typically been answered with retaliation, and teams of people working in partnership to nullify everything that I said or did. As I got older and got to understand my fellow human – I was relieved to discover that there really is nothing to be afraid of in their character or personalities. It is simply the sheer number of humans that currently exist in the world, and the scale of the challenge in one’s attempt at co-existing with them – and when planning to plot a path through their existence; offering comfort and encouragement along the route. In many ways, people’s opposition is understandable. Society tends to reject anyone who could be considered unique. So when presented with an individual who is supremely so, that person is spurned; he or she is maligned, and hunted down to the very corners of the globe.

The chaotic nature of life today is not merely confined to the international arena. Individual humans are so internally conflicted that we will snap and bite at each other in a near consistent fashion. We are so needlessly competitive with our neighbour. And we will display utterly irrational behaviour for our argument, our opinion, our version of reality to prevail. The good news is that this actual reality cannot; and will not continue. Until our governing leaders have a genuine concern for decency and integrity towards their neighbour, then the social structures that they preside over will still be dysfunctional. But when the light begins to shine in this world, freedom will flourish, finances will be allocated at their optimum level and direction, disease will be eradicated, and those who are willing to listen will enjoy a full life experience; and discover what it is like to operate at their maximum human potential.