Saturday 7/11/20 – Freedom Forever

The word freedom is not an easy one to define. Whilst we are on the earth, and indeed wherever we find ourselves, every one of us must submit to one or more type of authority for our leadership, governance and essential things such as law enforcement. The idea that a free person can exist independently of everything in the world in which they live, and act with complete impunity for the duration of their lives is unrealistic, blind, and a form of slavery in its own right. People with no spiritual conscience yearn to reach this point of authority themselves. They devote themselves to climbing the ladder, betraying anyone who stands in their way; and displaying a zealousness that could be considered a shadow reflection of such as found in many religious communities. The result of all of this is the world you see before your eyes. A world where violence and disorder abound, where communal corruption is commonplace, where lies have become the preferred thing to hear, and where rape, abuse and murder are immortalised and idolised as an attractive way of life, completely ignoring the victims of these crimes – as if these human lives were of no value and not to even be considered in the same breath as those of their tormentors. And it doesn’t stop there. With dark forces until recently in positions of authority in the world, the enslavement and oppression of masses of people have been consistently occurring for a very long time, resulting in populations being subjected to treatments such as: online (and offline) monitoring and surveillance; threats, hostility and intimidation broadcast through national media channels; harassment, conspiracy and deception (often involving bribery) designed to disrupt the peaceful lives of private citizens; deliberate and targeted food, water and prescription medication contamination; stalking and reconnaissance behaviours; and a host of other activities in a desperate attempt to ensure that those on top remain there. But these things are certainly not to be found under freedom’s definition. How can any nation hope to be governed and inspired with any kind of effectiveness with morals and values such as these at the summit of their human authority? Do grass root populations of such countries observe the behaviours and characteristics of such leadership and go on to imitate such an attitude in their private lives, maybe without actually realising it? With such a strong team of corrupt controllers at the top of any organisation, and the complete absence of spiritual light, the logical result is dysfunction on an industrial scale – and an attitude of universal manipulation that permeates in a downward direction until everybody becomes infected, and the problem becomes viciously circular due to everyday people’s essential requirement to imitate and recreate the actions they see others engage in. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If leaders in all areas of society will strictly follow the teachings of the Bible then they and all of their sincere followers and subordinates will experience genuine freedom; their organisation(s) will function at their maximum human potential – thus increasing productivity and financial revenue – and their own personal leadership style and reputation will be celebrated and built upon by generations to come. Our media and social media providers will be less concerned with controlling the opinions of individual citizens and the habits of their consumption; and the minds of quiet, unassuming people will be truly free to live and move without having to endure that sinister type of influence, and enjoy the feeling that the choices they make in life are their own and don’t belong to anyone else – which is the only thing that I really want out of life. Then individuals and nations alike will have total responsibility for the outcome of their lives instead of having their destiny and level of success imposed upon them by others; and every person will be given their opportunity to contribute to the story of our planet with absolute autonomy over the scale, timing, and nature of their involvement.

Author: G4shmaster

Twitter: @G4shmaster

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