Thursday 5th November 2020 – Control Freaks of Nature

You do not need to be employed in a position of authority in the media in order to be a skilled manipulator. Every educated person has in their minds a structure with two parts: a) the team of people – most likely representing the population of the earth; and b) the leader (or shepherd). The majority of humans, in a callously naïve, ignorant, and fanciful manner; put one person in this central position – themselves. They suffer from the martyr personality type – seeing themselves as the answer to every problem that will ever arise – but simultaneously never admitting that they have ever made a mistake; controlling every single person in their lives, and absolutely never taking responsibility when things go tits up. They are false, fakers, not authentic people in the slightest, and certainly not people who inspire me or that I choose to follow. The other kind of person is the lowly, gentle and humble servant of the God of Israel. This person reads their Bible every day that they can, and does what it says. They are excited by studying this book because it contains all of the answers; and is one of the quickest methods around to chase the devil out of your life on any given day, and get back to feeling like yourself again, not carrying that heavy burden and languishing in the pit of doom and despair. These people have been baptised with the Holy Spirit of God, and need never be anxious for anything for the remainder of eternity. They have put Jesus Christ in the position of leader, and are astonished and delighted with him (even before they have actually witnessed him in the flesh). And they are endlessly encouraged by remaining loyal to his teaching in any circumstance they may find themselves in. Unfortunately, not all of the world thinks like this. Why do people insist on bullying? What do they gain by shamelessly assuming control of another person’s body and/or mind, because the perpetrators themselves actually end up losing everything? My best guess (and I have given it much thought) is that they perceive that they are the ones who are facing a threat – and maybe they are right. They develop feelings of psychological insecurity and inferiority, so they lash out in ways that would cause a sensible person to be horrified and embarrassed. Some of them use the power of technology to taunt God’s precious people – reminding them day after day of the struggles they face. But do we do the same? Do we remind them how hot hell is, or how long it lasts? No we do not. We understand how lucky we are. We are thankful for the good things we enjoy – from the food on our table to the breath in our lungs – because we know where these things come from. Any other attitude would not please God, and would open the door for the devil to cause more damage. These controllers (and to a large extent many of their controllees) are educated people themselves – but they are so devoted to self that they cannot consider any external force or person to match them in wisdom and power. They have read enough books to hear the names of figures from the past – great figures, who accomplished so much in such a short space of time. Now it is their turn. They will accomplish more in a short space of time than any name who has gone before. They will write the script and get all of the adulation – and then they will die. But they do not know what happens after that.

Author: G4shmaster

Twitter: @G4shmaster

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