Saturday 15/8/20 – Reassessing Priorities

A disease of this ferocity has, perhaps predictably, already had a devastating effect on our world and the structures that allow it to function smoothly. Due to its high level of transmissibility and the subsequent restrictions put on global populations, world economies have been massively disrupted and all but the most essential workers have been forced to alter the way they operate to earn a living. Regular gatherings of large numbers of people for religious or sporting occasions have been put on hold; and children right across the world have had their education routines turned upside down as a result of the necessary constraints. But what if I told you that eradicating the SARS-CoV-2 virus is actually not one of God’s top priorities? If he really did make the universe, the planets and the stars, surely he could accomplish this feat in a flash? You might currently be saying to yourself: how exactly can reading a book (and doing what it says) help me to overcome this virus and then subsequently cause me to prosper and live a happy life? When you purchase a new car (particularly like ones of today with hybrid or even fully electric fuel cells) to learn how to operate it effectively and at its maximum capacity, you must first read the instruction manual. There you will learn about how the engine functions, how the vehicle is properly maintained; and how it will be most beneficial to you as the new owner. One could draw the same comparison to the words written down in the Bible. As our perfect father and designer, God has whittled down everything we need to know about life on earth and has compiled this into one perfect book or unit. These words have been divinely inspired and delivered to us from beyond the stratosphere and are the secret to correct human functionality and overcoming every challenge that life brings. This novel disease is in fact the backdrop; the context before which God is going to execute a series of incredible acts on the earth. His eyes are currently examining every single one of us and we have all been prepared and carefully positioned for this particular period of time. If you were the owner of a horse that you wished to enter into a great race; and if you had a genuine interest in your horse being the winner of this race, you would first put it through a strict training routine involving firm discipline which would improve its performance and contribute towards its long-term success. Living out the words of the Bible causes us to enter into such a race. The training can be hard but we quickly overcome this and go on to discover that our victory and happiness have already been guaranteed. The Coronavirus could be thought of as God’s attempt to get the world’s attention in his relentless pursuit of the salvation of all.

Author: G4shmaster

Twitter: @G4shmaster

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