Monday 27/7/20 – Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

The landscape of today’s rolling 24 hour television news media has dramatically altered the range of vision for individual citizens to view and begin to understand global events. Today, almost anyone has the ability to witness and ponder situations and stories from all across the globe involving the whole spectrum of human behaviour both good and bad. Nowadays, it is considered extremely abnormal not to possess a television (or other suitable device) and to not take at least a passing interest in national and international news updates. The invention of the camera lens (and associated photographic equipment) is surely a tech advancement without comparison. Our ability to witness and store images of any of our collective life experiences and pass them on to future generations is probably something that they will take for granted, but that the history of is much more complex. Some of us might need to pinch ourselves today to remind us that the news images that we are currently viewing are not scenes out of a Hollywood movie but are taking place in actual reality; and present day global news developments captured and saved on so many photographic devices are certainly going to provide future historians and scientists with a lifetime of work attempting to understand and process the events of this age. Most if not all present day news corporations rightly display a high level of responsibility when depicting their major daily stories, not exposing their audiences to the more graphic and sinister aspects of happenings across the world, even though they must encounter the full range. The western world presently has a problem with large numbers and communities of people who are making it a matter of principle to not follow the current medical and governmental guidance involving such things as personal hygiene, practising physical distancing and the wearing of masks especially in indoor public gatherings and settings. Their desire for liberty and personal autonomy has brought about an almost reflex resistance to simple, non-intrusive behaviours that are needed to ensure that as few people as possible contract the Sars-CoV-2 virus. But I wonder what reaction such people would have if they were to witness the full horror and effect of the Coronavirus on a dying individual? Would they persist in their flagrant irresponsibility if they were to see on their television screens a terminal patient experiencing severe acute respiratory distress syndrome and the full effects of the cytokine storm within the patients’ immune system, if consent were obtained from the patients’ next-of-kin for such images to be shown with the goal of reducing the numerical fatality statistics of COVID-19? Would the initial shock of the removing of the veil of decency and modesty ultimately persuade fringe groups of people to comply and help push the terminal COVID-19 statistics in the right direction?

Author: G4shmaster

Twitter: @G4shmaster

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