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In today’s ultra modern daily life, full of social media and apps, we often need to remind ourselves how lucky we are to possess so much power and information at our fingertips. Even our most mundane day-to-day routine can be filled with electronic music, streamed videos, and an abundance of reference information, for the pleasure of our consumption, whenever we choose. We have come to such a place where almost anything and anyone can be digitised in a virtual box on our devices to be perused at a time of our leisure with the number of elements visible at any one time limited only by the size of our computer monitor(s). Automation has become king and with the advent of the 5G network this is sure to extend to every single aspect of society where operators of influence need barely even lift a finger to rectify any societal anomaly. But is it possible that we have overestimated the potential and scope of our devices to save us from all global dilemmae? Has our worship of everything technological clouded our perception of events on the ground in the real world? Have you ever noticed how social media can reveal the deep functionings of the minds of undisciplined individuals laying bare the simplicity of their primitive psyches? Have you noticed people often share some of the most desperate and tragic personal information purely to obtain a certain number of comments and likes? The internet search feature will surely always be a cornerstone of online activity. It features in nearly every web application and has allowed entire communities (legal and illegal) to unite in pursuit of common goals in almost any field one would care to mention. Perhaps we have almost become lazy in our efforts to create the perfect utopia given the range and wealth of useful information we can access at the push of a search button. In our battle against the Sars-CoV-2 virus we have rightly explored all options in restricting the spread of this dangerous disease. We have decoded the RNA structure of the virus itself, applied models to the potential future outcome of this pandemic in various nations, we have estimated a numerical value for the reproductive number of the virus in specific locations; and we have designed contact tracing apps (with varying amounts of success) employing Bluetooth technology to locate those infected and attempt to quarantine all associated people. But is there today an argument that states that this virus has now become unsearchable? Given the overwhelming number of positive COVID test results and the finite amount of human and material resources, is it now required that attention be given to more realistic, suitable and efficient tactics to statistically reduce the number of people getting infected and care for those who are already sick? The tool of electronic technology has undoubtedly played an irreplaceable role in our battle against the disease and is itself surely one of the new wonders of the world. But will our apparent over-reliance on this technology proceed to dominate our society and our very selves in our reassessment of life after this disease is gone?

Author: G4shmaster

Twitter: @G4shmaster

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