Saturday 27/6/20 – Human Statistics

As an intellectual, my mind is constantly attempting to find ways to fully understand life on this planet and communicate my findings to people who will listen. Nowadays, with our societal desires for liberty and personal autonomy it could be surprising to conceive that there might be patterns or even mathematical models involving the speech behaviours or rhythms of human beings, but they are there. Recent aerial videos of protests from around the world have also suggested to me that algebraic formulae could be used to describe the movements of crowds of people as there often appear to be similarities common to the actions of all gathered participants, when viewed from the vantage point of a news helicopter. But I have only been able to begin this research when I came to understand God’s vantage point and how we are all simply specks of dust in the universe whom God is patiently waiting on to respond to his message. During these very challenging times there have undoubtedly been many mistakes and misjudgments from leadership positions concerning public guidance and the allocation of human and material resources, which is understandable. But have we ever considered that these mistakes have been the result of a lack of sophisticated communication? Have you ever noticed that there might be patterns in human beings’ everyday conversation, and that by understanding this we might begin to overcome this relatively simple yet significant problem? The political arena is undoubtedly a harsh and competitive environment. It is filled with strong characters and voices and it is understandable (and inevitable) that conflicts and rivalries arise. But have these rivalries escalated out of proportion causing our political system to become largely (self)counterproductive? We are all required to speak, act, think (and dress) in such a specific way that individuality has been stifled and our lack of communicative flair has resulted in an inert political system unable to inspire the public and offer clarity on even basic guidance. In God’s eyes this IS a perfect world. He has gone to phenomenal effort, care, imagination, design and extravagance to create everything we see and enjoy; but (down here) we are so obsessed with obtaining victory over our enemies (out of our own talent and strength) that we do not have the time to bring Jesus Christ into the centre of our circumstance, treating him as the true friend and work partner that he actually is. Some people reject God on the typical basis that: he won’t do what I want him to do. This might be initially true. But by learning about him in the Bible, and respecting him as the senior partner, we come to the knowledge that we are the ones who must alter our behaviour first, and then watch him move on our behalf. Obeying God are the two words that can and will solve all the problems in the world for those who are willing to begin the journey.

Author: G4shmaster

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