Tuesday 2/6/20 – Look Who’s Talking

If I had one piece of advice for someone genuinely interested in diligently pursuing a Christian life and the success it brings it would be this:

-you must ignore 100% of the things people say.

I am of course, practising hyperbole – but the seriousness of my message relates to those who prioritise the thoughts and opinions of other humans over the wisdom and practical life-counsel of the words written down in the Bible. Due to the present crises we have listened to many calls for unity and consensus regarding finding solutions to the many problems we currently face. It would appear that in order to return life to a semblance of normality former divisions should be set aside and a great ‘coming together’ should take place. We imagine or envisage the collection of our combined thoughts and perspectives as being the single answer to solving every current problematic situation. In this instance, we are in fact idolizing the human mind and frame as the pinnacle of power and wisdom in the world. At this point in time we are in the fortunate position of having a range of historical records and periods to study and digest. We read about events and discoveries of years gone by, many of them scientific; and the accounts we read often result in credit being given to a group or individual as having solved a great contemporary problem or conflict. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak many of us felt a sense of frustration that we were not given a similar opportunity to achieve such a level of greatness – something we always thought we deserved. We came to believe that the combination of technology, the internet, and the human mind were successfully resolving every difficulty the world had been grappling with. In recent years, a large proportion of great conflicts and subsequent resolutions have been confined to the televised political arena; one human triumphing over another. And yet we still believe that by collecting (or arranging) all people into one imaginary (or theoretical) location – this will solve all of our problems. We do not understand the deep internal divisions and inner conflicts that occur within all people of the world, and that without the ability to look deeply in an inward direction – we ourselves remain part of the problem. This is not a perfect world, and our time on its surface is brief. It is filled with people who are blind to the nature of the reality they occupy – they suffer through a lack of knowledge and so do the people around them. Recent unrest in the western world can be thought of as a result of spiritual misdirection. Rioting and looting are not characteristics of a slickly functioning society; and even under the strongest type of political leadership there is; the world will still be a divided place. Instead of attempting or claiming to be able to solve all of the world’s problems and please everybody in one fell swoop, effective leadership offers the practical consistency of expediting a series of incremental advances, assiduously building upon the work of those who have gone before.

Author: G4shmaster

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