Wednesday 25/3/20 – Building Plan

One of the main problems that people of darkness have is obviously displaying characteristics signalling a personal lack of patience. Survival experts will tell you that a massive percentage statistic deciding who makes it through periods of adversity is in their mental fortitude. Some people have had to endure very long amounts of time, sometimes in a single room or cell, completely alone. To endure such an experience requires discipline, and developing one’s own unique and effective routine – very much like ones used in the military. It will also require keeping mentally active and having a bit of fun. Reading is obviously recommended (if you have the facilities) but there is only a limited amount of this one can do. Whatever you choose knitting, painting, table tennis, scrap-booking, consolidating supplies, it is kind of a delightful challenge to fashion an activity that one can consistently enjoy indoors; with the doors, windows and air-vents sealed shut wherever possible. Cleaning is also important, however, this is a war and no person can clean every single spot. We are looking to take simple precautions and cultivate the correct attitude.

One thing I would like to quash is: worry. This can have a crippling effect on our inner tranquillity and makes us imagine horrible things – all of which never actually take place. If you are serious about obeying and following Jesus Christ then he really will provide everything that you need. Indeed, he has already been directing every aspect of you life right up to this present moment – would you believe that? Also, selecting a suitable version of the Bible to study is important. The King James Version is recommended by some, although I find the New International Version to be accurate and has much more contemporary language. You should choose one you feel comfortable with, hardback or paperback is fine.

This is going to be a challenge but one thing you can depend upon is my support. God has been helping me my entire life in an infinite amount of ways; and he is not about to stop. Try not to think too much about the effects of this disease or indeed feel sympathy for those for whom it is fatal. Think about all the ways that you have been disrespected, selfishly manipulated and betrayed by people close to you in the past. The Bible refers to this as sin, is not tolerated by God; and is the primary destructive force in the entire universe. Those of us who survive this pandemic will be many, but we will not always see eye to eye. Heaven is our prize and the location of our reward. Our work here will last, and be celebrated; as we reconstruct the human race.

Tuesday 24/3/20 – Tactics for Peril

I have not been unaware of the irony that in order to get through this COVID-19 outbreak, to survive this which we will, we must all pull together by keeping apart. Times such as these genuinely make you cherish life and enable you to assess again what causes you to be unstoppably happy. Have you ever noticed how the things most of us strive for are actually only of a fleeting value? Our appearance to the world is something that we cherish most of all. This ‘shell’ that we all have, is something I have always struggled to understand. On the outside we appear strong and successful. But inside we are timid little children, looking for someone to lead us. This shell is in fact a structure in our minds, is extremely brittle and unnecessary, and is something that must be removed in order for one to truly flourish. None of us innately want our life experience to come to an end. Everyone wants to live happily ever after surrounded by our loved ones and pets. However, the path to this actual eternity, containing an ever-lasting fully customizable reward, is one that only a select few will actually choose.

When impressive ocean-going vessels (manufactured in Ireland) strike immense frozen floating objects in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the collective reaction of any passengers on board could typically be described as binary. On the one hand, the event is seen as a jocular triviality, something to make sport of. But those on board, in positions of authority; including the captain, with an intimate knowledge of the schematic structure of the vessel, do not need reminding of the actual reality.

Everybody needs to be comforted. We cling onto the things that bring us pleasure, which for many people are only inanimate objects or substances. But the one unshakeable source of the best pleasure, the God of Israel, is a being who demands your utmost attention. If I told you that one person, Jesus Christ; is overseeing all of this chaos, that evolution and the big bang were just ideas, and that nothing you ask of him would be refused, would you believe me? Is that the sort of individual you would like the assistance of in a crisis like this? When he gets you out of that terrible mess that you are in, would you be grateful? Would this rescue make you alter your approach to life and your neighbour? Would your rescue be an unforgettable experience and result in you being elated?

With this in mind, let us press on, removing our individual and now obsolete shells. Let us reassess one further time the things that we truly value, the things that sustain us. Let us leave behind our former attitude of contempt and derision against our neighbour or anyone else we meet. The passengers on that ship I mentioned were lucky, they had the band to bring them comfort. Nowadays, we could consider a streaming service, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, NOW TV, or even radio; as modern day equivalents – services which in theory, might only require a small amount of remote manual automation.

Saturday 21/3/20 – COVID

I wanted to attempt to begin writing again as it has been a long time since I have added to my journal and am acutely aware of the present power of online publishing and the great opportunity in collating some of my thoughts and writing. I would usually never think to write about immediate current affairs without first taking a step back and trying to see things in their larger (historical) context. But the United Kingdom (and the world) are currently in the grip of a flu-like disease COVID-19; and we are being bombarded with advice such as to avoid gathering socially and to regularly wash our hands. For the vast majority of people this presents many profound and practical problems. We are social creatures and derive comfort and validation from our interaction – validation not simply of our individuality; but of the very essence of ourselves. I imagine the majority of the tuned-in population of the world are having difficulty trying to psychologically process the substantial behavioural changes that will inevitably have to be put into practice as we all responsibly adapt and collectively attempt to combat this virulent disease – or at least reduce the probability of its spread. Then there will be a small percentage of people – much like myself, who may not notice much of a difference at all. I live by myself and rarely interact with another person beyond the capacity of semi-familiar acquaintance. But then that is the type of life that has been assigned to me. I am a functional, self-sufficient (young) man who has always found great contentment in my own company. Since a very young age I have always had a phobia concerning groups of humans. I don’t have anything against them personally; but they certainly have a large problem with me. I have always approached my fellow man with an assumed attitude of consideration and respect – but this has seldom been reciprocated, and has indeed typically been answered with retaliation, and teams of people working in partnership to nullify everything that I said or did. As I got older and got to understand my fellow human – I was relieved to discover that there really is nothing to be afraid of in their character or personalities. It is simply the sheer number of humans that currently exist in the world, and the scale of the challenge in one’s attempt at co-existing with them – and when planning to plot a path through their existence; offering comfort and encouragement along the route. In many ways, people’s opposition is understandable. Society tends to reject anyone who could be considered unique. So when presented with an individual who is supremely so, that person is spurned; he or she is maligned, and hunted down to the very corners of the globe.

The chaotic nature of life today is not merely confined to the international arena. Individual humans are so internally conflicted that we will snap and bite at each other in a near consistent fashion. We are so needlessly competitive with our neighbour. And we will display utterly irrational behaviour for our argument, our opinion, our version of reality to prevail. The good news is that this actual reality cannot; and will not continue. Until our governing leaders have a genuine concern for decency and integrity towards their neighbour, then the social structures that they preside over will still be dysfunctional. But when the light begins to shine in this world, freedom will flourish, finances will be allocated at their optimum level and direction, disease will be eradicated, and those who are willing to listen will enjoy a full life experience; and discover what it is like to operate at their maximum human potential.